Wine insurance for collections

Wine Collection Insurance

You insure your fine art, jewelry collections, even your cars, so why not wine? Depending on what type of homeowners’ coverage you have – your wine collection may not be protected. Ideally, a wine collection, like other valuables such as antiques, should be separately insured against fire, breakage and theft. With Ellis Insurance, your collection can be protected with a homeowner’s policy that offers extended coverage for wine

With our ongoing relationship with leading wine experts, we provide access to comprehensive wine protection programs, including insurance coverages, loss control services and inventory systems.

Features and benefits of working with Ellis Insurance include:

  • Blanket and itemized coverage options
  • Choose blanket coverage or itemized coverage or a combination of the two. With blanket coverage, your entire collection is covered under one limit, with a generous single bottle limit of up to $50,000. Itemized coverage is recommended for wines valued at $10,000 or more and can be combined with blanket coverage to provide the best protection for your collection.
  • Power outage and mechanical breakdown.  This coverage includes loss due to power outage or mechanical breakdown of heating, cooling and humidity control equipment – critical coverages for oenophiles.
  • Wide spectrum of perils.  Coverage spans a wide spectrum of causes of loss including fire and theft breakage, flood, and a range of others.
  • New purchase protection.  For new additions to itemized collections, Prestige Collections® coverage automatically provides up to 100% of the itemized limit for wine on the policy for new purchases for up to 90 days, giving you plenty of time to report your new acquisitions to us. Compare this to 25% or a maximum of $50,000 offered by leading competitors.
  • Worldwide coverage.  Your wine is protected worldwide and while in transit.
  • No deductibles on standard policies.

Ellis Insurance also gives you access to top wine inventory management and appraisal resources at preferred rates. Please contact us for more information on our wine collection services.

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