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Insuring your Jewelry

Fine jewelry values are going up as worldwide demand for precious metals and gems is growing along with the economies of developing nations such as India and China. The price of gold, for instance, has roughly doubled since 2001.

In a rising market, it’s best to keep appraisals current to make sure that your jewelry collection is insured to its proper value. That way, you are adequately covered in case of a loss.

firemans-fundWe recommend insuring your jewelry collection with Prestige Collections® from Fireman’s Fund. With Prestige Collections you can:

  • Insure your collection on a per-item basis according to each item’s appraised value.
  • Insure your collection on a blanket basis with high per-item limits.
  • Insure the bulk of your collection on a blanket basis, with very special items scheduled separately according to their appraised value.
  • Protect multi-item sets such as earrings. If one earring is lost, for instance, we will pay for the replacement of both items in exchange for the remaining earring.

Keep Your Collection Safe

Insuring your collection to appraised value is important; so is taking good care of your jewelry. Here are a few basic tips for protecting your cherished jewelry collection:

  • Photograph and inventory each piece of jewelry. In the event of a loss, this will expedite the claims process.
  • Keep a copy of your appraisals, along with your photos, separate from your collection. If your collection suffers a loss, your paperwork won’t.
  • Keep your collection in a dry, safe place away from the elements and out of view of common visitors to your home. A fire-proof safe is ideal.
  • Have your jewelry collection appraised at least every three years, so that your investment is properly insured.

Not sure what coverage options are right for you? Contact us today for more information on scheduling your jewelry and valuables, a quotation, or an Insurance Tune-upsm on your existing insurance. There’s no obligation, and if you have any questions, please contact us at