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Collections & Valuables

firemans-fundEllis Insurance is proud to make Prestige Collections® from Fireman’s Fund available to our clients. Prestige Collections® protects your fine art, jewelry, wine, antiques, silverware, crystal, furs, memorabilia and other collectibles.


Prestige Collections coverage provides such benefits* as:

  • Values Established from the Start
    You can insure your collection on an itemized basis, establishing values and descriptions from the start. If something happens to the things you cherish, there’s no guess work about what you had or its value. It makes claims settlement faster and easier and helps assure that nothing is forgotten.
  • Protection in Escalating Market of 150%
    To protect items that appreciate in value due to market forces, Fireman’s Fund pays up to 150% of the agreed amount.
  • Generous Automatic Coverage for New Purchases
    You’ll enjoy automatic protection worldwide for up to 90 days for new items you add to your existing collection insured with us. We pay up to 100% of the itemized limit in your policy for the category to which the item belongs. Other insurers may offer only 25% of the class limit on your policy.
  • World wide Coverage
    Your coverage goes with you wherever you go.
  • Breakage Protection
    Many policies omit or restrict coverage for breakage of fragile items, but we automatically include it.
  • Pair-and-Set Coverage
    If you lose a piece of an insured set, such as a pair of earrings, give us the remaining pieces of the set and we’ll pay you the agreed value of a new collection (not just the one piece you lost). That’s the beauty of our pair-and-set coverage.
  • Comprehensive Coverage for the Things You Value Most
    Our coverage shields your collections from a wide spectrum of causes of loss— including flood or mysterious disappearance. And no deductible applies.



Your Most Treasured Items Are Important To Us, Too. That’s why Ellis Insurance makes every effort to:

  • value your collection properly
  • prevent loss or damage to your collection
  • restore damaged valuables to their original condition or
  • recover stolen possessions, and get them back to you.


And if that’s not possible, we work with Fireman’s Fund to give you a fast, fair claims settlement in the event of a covered loss so you can buy something similar. Because we know you’d rather have your cherished object back in original condition.

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*These descriptions of coverage are abbreviated and are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the actual policy, which forms the contract between the insured and the insurance company. Available coverages, credits and options may vary by state.