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Ellis Insurance Tune-Up

Ellis Insurance Tune-up

Some insurance companies promise to save you money in just 15 minutes. At Ellis Insurance, we believe you deserve more. As a result, we invest hours of our time into each of our exclusive Insurance Tune-ups; evaluating your unique assets and coverage to uncover the best solutions.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 84% improvement in Personal Liability Coverage

    On average, this is almost $1 million in additional coverage per client

  • 8% – 26% lower premiums

    This translates to over $400 in annual savings

  • Peace of Mind & Quality Service

    Our clients know that we care about more than premium. Our goal is to provide exceptional service, and intelligent insurance.

Request a Tune-Up

The Ellis Insurance Tune-Up is done entirely by our office and at no charge to you. You simply supply the basic information on your policies, and we do the rest!

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In most cases, we save our clients money (8%-26%) through the process of an Insurance Tune-Up. More important, we align your policies to your actual needs, improve coverage, and provide peace of mind, with the right insurance in place. Of course, all this is done with our trademark attention to detail and service.

Ellis Insurance Tune-Up Process

A 4-step systematic process for eliminating gaps & inconsistencies, reducing premium, and improving coverage.

Identify Coverage Gaps

We use current market data, assessments and industry leading resources to identify coverage gaps and assure your property limits align with today’s value.

Correlate Liability Limits

Life events (new home, new driver, new assets) require assessment of your corresponding liability limits. We correlate liability coverage to assets.

Optimize Deductibles

Increasing your deductible as little as $500 may save as much as 40% on your premium. We optimize deductibles for premium savings.

Apply Discounts

We identify available discounts and credits through policy bundling, endorsement packages, and other sources.