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Incredibly Responsive & Proactive

We have worked closely with Ellis Insurance for some time on our insurance needs, and they have consistently been a tremendous help, particularly to this group of volunteer trustees with no professional condo management experience.  They are always incredibly responsive and proactive, and we want to let you know how much we appreciate them.

Ryan S

Their insights and responsiveness were invaluable

We really appreciate Ellis Insurance’s efforts on our behalf. We had a significant, “out of the blue” stress event for us. Their insights and responsiveness were invaluable. It is night and day different from our previous insurance provider. We will certainly be singing their praises to anyone in need of a top notch agent. Thanks again.

Drew S

The entire experience was handled perfectly

I was referred to Ellis Insurance by a colleague. Right away they were like-able!  They know their business, do not offer things we do not need, and give solid, professional advice.  The entire experience was handled perfectly. They advised what was right for us and not Ellis.

We know we have an office we can go to, who understands what we expect, and comes up with ways to make it affordable.   They wished us good luck with a teenage driver and told us he was almost definitely getting into some kind of trouble…setting real expectations.

Stop wasting your time by looking at ​different carriers for the cheapest solution. Have Dan come over, prepare some food and beer, talk about your needs and budget, let Ellis draft up a proposal and sign the damn papers.  life is to short.  If anyone can, Dan is your man!

Jos K

They identified where my blind spots were

I contacted Ellis Insurance when I was looking for a customized evaluation of my risk and cost. I had the intention to shift my catastrophic risk and make sure my cost was in line. They identified where my blind spots were and where my saving opportunity where. Also where I could take on risk. I now ask my friends, why hasn’t your current P&C person reviewed options lately?

John P

The decision to work with Acacia Insurance was easy

The decision to work with Acacia Insurance was easy and I have been extremely pleased with the assistance and guidance I have received.  I have also come to recognize the integrity that permeates throughout the entire organization. The level of communication provided in all aspects of our dealings distinguishes Acacia Insurance from other agents.  I rely upon Acacia to represent my interests and have validated that trust is well placed.

Van L

Acacia Insurance will help you understand your options

I wanted to work with an insurance agency that understood my “big picture” and could help me determine appropriate coverage options and the most cost effective way to get those coverages. Acacia Insurance took a large array of complicated insurance options, boiled them down, and presented them as a handful of simple options/decisions. The professionals at Acacia Insurance will help you understand appropriate coverages and options, know that you have more interesting things to focus on than insurance, and respect your time and your money.

Mark H

They took the time to listen

We engaged with Acacia Insurance because we trust that they will work in our best interest. They took the time to listen to our perceived needs and complimented this with their professionalism to help us understand what we overlooked. They consistently work in our best interest to provide us with the products we need and not the products they want to sell.

Jim & Amanda C

I’m confident they have my best interest at heart

I reached out to Acacia Insurance because I simply wasn’t confident with the service I was receiving from my previous insurance agent. The Acacia Insurance Tune-up was effortless from my part, and the results were surprising. Overall, Acacia Insurance saved me 8% on my insurance premium, while increasing my coverage, and consolidating the amount of endorsements I had on my policies. I’m confident they have my best interest at heart and their attention to detail and service is top-notch.

Tom H

They will be there for you when you need it most!

I wanted to shop around and find the best insurance coverage at the lowest cost. I wanted to connect my auto insurance with my home insurance and get the best applicable discounts. I also wanted to have local support, and a team who would be available when I needed help. The best part of working with Acacia Insurance was the overall savings, as well as the experience we’ve had thus far. During a recent claim, I called my Acacia representative on a Sunday. He not only picked up, but helped me through everything. It was awesome because the insurance company 24-hour service line was not very helpful. Acacia Insurance was much more knowledgeable and helpful. Use them! They will save you money and fill in any gaps in coverage, and most importantly, they will be there for you when you need it most!

Andrew R

I found the solutions tailored to my specific needs

I did not feel my prior insurance provider was designing a thoughtful insurance solution for me. It felt like they just wanted to give me a cookie cutter plan then move onto the next person.  And, I was tired of dialing an 800 number and dealing with someone different every time.

With Acacia, I found the solutions and strategies they recommend are well thought out and tailored to my specific needs.  I talk to the same people every time and I feel like I have an advocate and not a customer service rep.  Acacia now has all of my personal lines and all of the coverages for my small business.

Acacia Insurance designed a thorough, tailored, and written insurance plan for me and my family.  I had never heard of an agency doing that for a personal lines portfolio.  I was expecting to get a phone call or email with a quick quote when I asked for their opinion on my portfolio.  What I got was completely the opposite, personalized, tailored advice without a sales pitch. They are not salespeople, but true insurance advisors.

Jason H

You will never find better customer service

I contacted Acacia Insurance because I know of no other company that 1) covers both NY and FL, the states where we own property; and 2) offers estate planning with its insurance business.  Great combination!

I very much appreciated Acacia Insurance passing on providing certain coverage where they couldn’t compete.  How rare is that?

You say you want your wine collection covered?  Yeah, they do that.  Oh, you need estate planning?  Acacia Insurance.  Have property in multiple states?  Yup.  You will never find better customer service – and a broader knowledge base – than Acacia Insurance.

Michael M

I knew we were in good hands

From our very first meeting with Ellis Insurance I knew we were in good hands. They were so helpful, patient and understanding. I knew more about insurance from one meeting with Ellis Insurance than a whole year with another agency. They made no promises other than the guarantee they would do their best and get the answers we needed. Well they did that, plus more!

I realize there are always other hands behind the scenes so I wish to thank all of Ellis employees. I have sent you a small token of our appreciation. Treat them to a great lunch and let hem know that they are a part of an incredible team of professionals.

Darlene B

Teach me the “why” behind my financial decisions

As a hard-working woman focused on family and retirement, I can’t say enough good things about working with Dan and Jason. The team at Ellis Insurance has done my financial planning for years, teaching me the “why” behind my decisions so I can feel good about retirement with my grandkids. Dan and Jason absolutely get my vote of confidence.

Franny K

They are a delight to work with

For a number of years my wife and I have looked to the Ellis Insurance Agency to help us with our insurance needs. Dan and Adam are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and they are a delight to work with. Insurance can be like buying a mattress – you don’t really know what’s inside, but with their guidance we feel we are getting everything we need at a fair price and not paying for anything we don’t need. If you ever have to make a claim, you want full value from your insurance and you want someone you can trust to get the right policy; that’s where Dan and Adam come in.