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Snowmobile Insurance Coverage

Protect your Snowmobile

Different snowmobilers have different insurance needs, so we offer three levels of solid protection to fit your lifestyle and concerns:

  • Liability Only. Liability coverage covers only injuries that you may cause to others, or property damage, as a result of a snowmobile accident.
  • Comprehensive/Liability. Beyond liability, comprehensive coverage protects your snowmobile from damage resulting from fire, theft and most other causes, except collision.
  • Collision/Comprehensive/Liability. In addition to liability and comprehensive coverage, this program includes collision coverage for accidental damage to your snowmobile.

As an added benefit, snowmobile insurance from Ellis Insurance gives you the freedom to ride anywhere in the U.S. or Canada; your covered regardless of where the trail takes you.

Not sure what coverage options are right for you? Contact us today for more information on snowmobile insurance, a quotation, or an Insurance Tune-up on your existing snowmobile insurance. There’s no obligation, and if you have any questions, please contact us at


Understanding Snowmobile Insurance

Coverage options for snowmobiles

When you get snowmobile insurance from Ellis Insurance, you get the essentials and the extras.

We offer some nice extras you may not find with other carriers. To begin with, you automatically get out-of-state coverage when you cross state lines, and it will adjust to provide you with that state’s required minimum coverage limits, regardless of the limits in the state in which you are insured. And if you ride beyond our northern border, your coverage extends into Canada.

What about the essentials?

  • All our policies include liability protection for damaged property or personal injury. We also include passenger liability at no additional cost, and you can customize your limits to fit your circumstances.
  • Choose your Medical Payments limit. This feature covers co-payments, deductibles and other expenses if you need medical attention.
  • Physical Damage covers damage to or theft of your snowmobile at Market Value.
  • You’ll feel better protected with Accessories coverage extending protection over your trailer, a cover, or safety apparel.
  • If you purchase a new snowmobile, your coverage will automatically be extended to provide 30 days protection to the new unit. Just remember to add it to your policy.