A New Cyber Threat

A Renewed Focus on Cyber Security Threats as Americans Work Remotely Ellis Insurance remains committed to delivering the best possible service experience to our clients.  We also focus on the well being of our employees and, since March 16, 2020 we have been working remotely. The global move to remote work is impacting the security [...]

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24/7 Online Resources for Personal & Commercial Insurance Policies

It is your policy.  When you need insurance the odds are good that you also have questions and we work hard to make sure those answers are available.  Those are the “givens” regardless of COVID19. First, know that Ellis Insurance is up and running.  Along with our insurance company partners, we have worked diligently to [...]

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Business Income Coverage in the Age of COVID-19

  In these unprecedented times, Ellis Insurance is fielding calls from business owners asking whether their insurance policies provide coverage to help offset or cover significant losses stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. What if my business is closed due to the government’s shuttering of non-critical businesses? If our business needs to close our doors due [...]

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Problems that need drone insurance

The use of drones is evolving from their role in military strikes to support, commercial and recreational roles around the world. These include the use of drones as first responders in Denmark for firefighting, chemical accidents and larger car accidents in urban and over-water environments, shark harvesting in Australia, delivering medical aid in Rwanda and in [...]

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No, self driving cars won’t kill the auto insurance industry.

If autonomous cars are so safe that accidents become rare, can the auto insurance industry survive? Some car companies think they can eliminate road fatalities through autonomous driving and other safety features. “Our vision is that by 2020 no one should be killed or injured in a new Volvo car,” said the company’s president. If that [...]

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Wine insurance for collections

Wine Collection Insurance You insure your fine art, jewelry collections, even your cars, so why not wine? Depending on what type of homeowners’ coverage you have – your wine collection may not be protected. Ideally, a wine collection, like other valuables such as antiques, should be separately insured against fire, breakage and theft. With Ellis [...]

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Workers Compensation And Employers Liability Insurance

Employees are the life-blood of your business, and insuring their well-being is one of the most important tasks you can undertake.Workers compensation, in addition to being required by law, helps rehabilitate sick or injured employees. It also protects you, the employer, against legal liability for bodily injury to your employees. Successful businesses recognize the importance [...]

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