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Insuring your personal watercraft

Insurance for personal watercraft, like a jet ski or waverunner, is a real niche.

Ellis Insurance makes available to our customers a special “JetSport” program. It is unique, one of the best programs around, providing broad coverage and special benefits that will keep you on the water all year long.

It is such a good program, in fact, that it is the only one endorsed by the American Watercraft Association.

Let Ellis Insurance act as a life jacket for your PWC as we guide you through the essentials of PWC insurance:

  • Liability coverage offers protection should you be held liable for damaged property or personal injury, to both non-family and family members, if an accident occurs.
  • Comprehensive/Collision is important in that it protects your PWC from damage resulting from fire, theft and most other perils. It also protects you in the event of accidental damage.
  • Medical Payments coverage is a relatively inexpensive option offering up to $5,000 in medical expense coverage for boating injuries.
  • Ellis Insurance offers insurance that is valid in all U.S. and Canadian Waters, so you can use your PWC almost anywhere you can get it. Please note that offshore distance restrictions apply.


These are just a few of the extra coverage options you may wish to consider for your PWC. Add protection to your policy with these extras:

  • Watersports Liability. If you like to water ski with your PWC, this option is just for you.
  • Trailer. Protect the trailer you use to tow your PWC.
  • The unique JetSport Advantage endorsement includes:

     Uninsured Watercraft. Provides bodily injury protection to you if an uninsured boater collides with your PWC.

    •  Non-owned Watercraft Liability. Extends your policy’s liability coverage to most PWCs you rent or borrow.

    •  Personal Effects Coverage. Covers personal belongings stored on board that are stolen or damaged.

    •  Emergency Assistance and Towing. Helps you if your PWC breaks down on the water, or if your trailer breaks down during transport.


Would you like more information on insurance for your personal watercraft or an Insurance Tune-up(SM) on your existing insurance? There’s no obligation, and if you have any questions, please contact us.