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Sailboat, Power Boat & Personal Watercraft Insurance

Whether you’re on a sailboat, a power boat, or a personal water craft, a boat insurance policy from Ellis Insurance covers you from stem to stern.* What makes us unique? We’ve been there: our staff has over 4,000 miles of boating experience, including a trans-Atlantic passage, sailing on Long Island Sound and in Buzzards Bay, and power boating in Maine, New Hampshire, and New York.

Your boat is probably one of your most treasured possessions. But, it can also be your most vulnerable — at risk of damage from storms, strong winds, theft, and accidents. That’s where boat insurance comes in to provide shelter for your boat and protection for you and your passengers.

No matter what course you chart, you’re prepared for rough waters with Ellis Insurance. Boat coverage from Ellis Insurance comes fully equipped, and will pay for both partial and full covered losses to your boat.* Policies are available to provide physical damage protection for your:

  • Boat hull
  • Boat motors
  • Boat trailers
  • Boating equipment
  • Personal effects such as clothing, portable radios, fishing equipment, water skis, and more. (This is an optional coverage you can add onto your boat insurance policy.)

We are committed to safe and affordable boating, and we’ve identified a handful of insurance discounts available to boat owners who share this commitment:

  • Safety course discounts. These are available to those who complete U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary courses or U.S. Power Squadron Safety programs.
  • Coast Guard certification discount. This is for boaters who have passed a Courtesy Marine Examination (CME) provided by the Coast Guard Auxiliary.
  • Protective device discounts. You’ll save if your boat is equipped with a depth finder, VHF ship-to-shore radio, radar system, burglar alarm, or other protective device.
  • Diesel engine discount. Boats powered by a diesel engine qualify for a discount.

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Beyond the Basics

Insurance for personal watercraft, like a jet ski or waverunner, is a real niche. Ellis Insurance makes available to our customers a special “JetSport” program.


Boat Owner’s insurance is a safety precaution just as essential as a life vest or a fire extinguisher. Getting the right insurance can be essential, as boating is an enjoyable — but potentially dangerous — endeavor. Liability insurance is a key component of boat owner’s insurance.


Check out these frequently asked questions for explanations about terms and coverages.


If you own a boat, here are some great ways to decrease your insurance premiums with Ellis Insurance.



*Restrictions may apply based on policy options.