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Discounts for Hybrid Vehicles

You’ve made a conscious decision to have a positive effect on the environment, and now it’s your turn to be rewarded. Ellis Insurance is proud to offer auto insurance discounts up to 10%  for owned or leased hybrid or electric vehicles

What else can you do?

In addition to driving a hybrid vehicle, consider starting a green driving habit. Many activities we do as safe drivers can reduce emissions and help the environment. Safer driving typically means better mileage, fewer accidents, and not coincidentally, saving a little “green.”

  • Drive the speed limit.
    It saves gas, reduces emissions, and may also reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Drive less.
    At the risk of stating the obvious, you’ll save money on gas and further reduce the risk of accidents. Keeping your mileage low (generally less than 7,500 miles annually) may qualify you for discounts on your auto insurance, too.
  • Tune up your car.
    Regular auto maintenance, including tune ups and filter changes, allows cars to run cleaner and more efficiently and can also reduce the risk of breakdowns.
  • Check your tires.
    Properly inflated tires can reduce your carbon footprint by 300-700 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

Consider This:
If you already own a hybrid or are considering buying one, there’s another important benefit:
at Ellis Insurance, hybrid vehicle owners enjoy a discount on their annual insurance premium.

We are proud to be a green insurance leader. Ellis Insurance has been providing exceptional service and intelligent insurance for over 20 years.

Ready to learn more? Contact us for additional information on our creative and industry-leading green insurance alternatives.