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Special coverage for high value homes

If you own a high-value home, chances are that a standard homeowner’s policy will fall short of your coverage needs. For these homes, Ellis Insurance offers the Prestige Policy from Fireman’s Fund, an exceptional example of a policy designed exclusively for high value homeowners. It provides higher limits and broader coverage than most others.

Another critical benefit is the higher level of protection it offers for possessions such as jewelry, silver, furs, antiques or collections. In the event of a claim, you’ll receive replacement cost coverage for your personal property. We can also schedule your most valuable possessions so that you’ll receive the full-insured amount in case of total loss or theft.


Consider these “Prestige” coverages that are NOT provided by standard policies:

  • Comprehensive coverage for all covered property
  • Personal property at replacement cost – with a cash settlement option
  • Full cost replacement coverage in included with no limit
  • Replacement cost coverage on fences and other structures
  • Building loss at replacement cost – with a unique cash settlement option
  • No dollar limit on loss of use
  • Backup of sewers and drains
  • Vandalism and glass breakage even if dwelling is vacant for 30 days
  • Breakage of property
  • Theft of property at insured’s other residences if insured is away
  • Increased limits for everything from property in bank vaults, to silverware, to watercraft, etc.
  • Liability coverage extended to all owned properties.


Other Prestige Policies are available for condominiums and cooperatives, valuable possessions and High Limit Liability.

For more information on protecting high value homes and possessions, contact Ellis Insurance today or specify your needs in our brief quote request form.