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The Financial Second Opinion™

Sure, you have an accountant, an attorney, and a stockbroker.  You also receive advice from well-meaning friends, relatives, and business associates.  But do you have a translator?  Is someone looking at the pieces of your financial puzzle to see if your goals are being met?

Our independent team of family wealth advisors can provide you with a life-impacting second opinion of your financial position.  Through the unique Financial Second Opinion™ process we will create a report giving you updated and concise information on vital financial matters affecting you and your family.  Our analysis combined with this report provides a review of your existing investments, retirement planning, estate plan, wills & trusts, survivor needs, life insurance, and business owner planning, including Buy/Sell analysis.


Ask Yourself the Following Questions

  • Is your retirement plan still on track and are your investment goals realistic? With retirement often lasting 20 years or more, you may be concerned about outliving your savings. We will help you choose techniques to assist you in accumulating wealth and distributing income.
  • Are your retirement and estate assets properly protected? Taxes can significantly shrink the size of your estate. After reviewing your asset ownership along with your wills and trusts, we will generate a report highlighting your estate tax exposure.
  • Are your investment strategies appropriate to meet your income and growth needs? We will assist you in identifying your investment objectives, evaluating your risk tolerance, and analyzing your current portfolio to develop an appropriate asset allocation strategy.
  • Is your business leveraging every available strategy to help achieve your financial goals? Your business is most likely your single largest asset. The Financial Second OpinionTM process can help you decide whether to keep or sell your interest at death, disability, or retirement.


Contact us today. We can help you on your path toward achieving your financial goals.