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Financial Planning by Acacia Insurance

It begins with a Financial Analysis

Turned on the lights lately?  It’s a simple task which does little to reveal the complexity behind Edison’s invention.  In a similar fashion, all of us know we are supposed to “manage our money.”  But it just isn’t that easy.  You need an Edison behind the scene to shed some light on your financial options.  Acacia Insurance is committed to providing comprehensive risk management for our clients across New England and New York.

In today’s complex financial environment, financial planning is not a quick call to your friend who knows a stockbroker.  Let us help you face these uncertain times with a much higher level of confidence, supported by a solid plan of action.  Whether you are saving for retirement or starting a college savings plan, concerned about life insurance or planning for retirement income, or even crafting a benefit plan for your business, our planning group will help you “put money in the bank.”

Our approach begins with a no-obligation, personalized analysis of your situation.  We will ask questions, listen to your answers, explore your needs and wants, and recommend options.

If you would like a fresh perspective and a second opinion on your financial situation, then contact us today and schedule an appointment.


Beyond the Basics

When is the best time to refinance a home loan? What should I know about the cost of refinancing? Is a no closing cost loan right for me? How do I choose a mortgage lender? We have the answers.


Sure, you have an accountant, an attorney, and a stockbroker. You also receive advice from well-meaning friends, relatives, and business associates. But do you have a translator? Is someone looking at the pieces of your financial puzzle to see if your goals are being met?


It is easy for sole proprietors and other small businesses to set up and manage a retirement plan. There are a number of types of retirement plans that are available, including SEP and SIMPLE plans as well as a variety of 401(k) plans…


Before you decide to do anything with your investments during uncertain times, consider the following…


To convert or not to convert. That may be the question, but you can’t solve the entire puzzle by studying just one piece. It’s important to focus on the specifics of how this fits in to your broader financial picture.