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Dan Frankel


“One of the best parts of my job is answering questions.” Dan believes that everyone has a valuable perspective and different level of interest in their insurance & financial portfolios. Every client’s question is a window to a unique challenge.

Before joining Acacia Insurance as partner and creating the Acacia Insurance Tune-upSM in 2008, Dan held the positions of Senior Director of Retirement Income Services at Fidelity and Retirement Plan Manager at MFS Investment Management. Prior to those roles, Dan honed his problem solving skills working in the bicycle business for a decade, crossing the Atlantic on a 32’ junk rigged schooner, and working as a professional sailboat captain.

When Dan isn’t helping people figure out what insurance they have, why they need it, or how to make it more efficient, he can be found debating retirement and investment strategies with his financial team. He also enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, power-kiting and family vacations.

Dan has the luxury of being in business with one of his best friends, philosophy major Adam Ellis. Dan majored in Russian Literature at UVA and graduated cum laude from Babson’s MBA program.