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Commercial Insurance from Ellis

As a business, you spend every day focused on the needs of your customers. You deliver on those needs and you deserve to work with an insurance partner who does the same for you; someone who understands your business. Reviewing your insurance may feel like a luxury you can’t afford; your time is money. The reality, however, is that insurance costs increase and yesterday’s sales pitch may no longer be relevant. Confidence in insurance tends to erode over time as business owners see the cost without a benefit.

You need an agent who can build a tailored, cost-effective insurance portfolio and who knows your business’ risks. That way, you can go back to running the day-to-day and planning for the future, comfortable that the right coverage is in place.

95% of the commercial policies we review have not been updated, let alone written properly in the first place.

Our Commercial Insurance Tune-up is a systematic policy review process that allows us to uncover critical gaps and inconsistencies. You provide us with the basic information – your policies – and we do the rest of the work.

We are a boutique agency with an unprecedented expertise in the markets we serve. Our access to an extensive network of regional and national insurance carriers allows us to craft custom solutions with tailored coverage, often at reduced rates. Your business is unique and deserves the right coverage, not a one-size-fits-any-business policy.

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Ellis Insurance can review your commercial insurance coverage with no obligation. The review is done entirely by our office and at no charge to you. You simply supply the basic information on your policies, and we do the rest!

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Or contact Adam Ellis directly,, 800-824-4455 ext. 301

Ellis Commercial Insurance Review

Ellis Insurance works with multiple carriers that specialize in providing the unique and customized coverage for coverage for Commercial Insurance Risks. This provides you options, and options are essential in identifying the right coverage for your business at the best premium.

Our Process

– Identify coverage gaps

– Correlate liability limits

– Optimize deductibles

– Apply discounts & credits

Our Clients

I contacted Ellis Insurance when I was looking for a customized evaluation of my risk and cost. I had the intention to shift my catastrophic risk and make sure my cost was in line. They identified where my blind spots were and where my saving opportunities were. In addition, they identified where I could take on risk. I now ask my friends, “why hasn’t your current insurance agent reviewed your options lately?” – John P

For a Commercial Insurance Tune-up complete the above form or contact Adam Ellis directly,, 800-824-4455 ext.301