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Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance

Employees are the life-blood of your business, and insuring their well-being is one of the most important tasks you can undertake.Workers compensation, in addition to being required by law, helps rehabilitate sick or injured employees. It also protects you, the employer, against legal liability for bodily injury to your employees.

Successful businesses recognize the importance of a workers comp program – they can no longer survive simply with a workers comp policy. A well designed program contains costs,promotes a safe work environment, and returns employees to work quickly. Ellis Insurance recognizes the complexity these issues present. These are some of the factors we consider when designing a program for our clients:

  • Choose the right options
    Let us guide you through options like guaranteed cost plans, dividend plans, and self-insured groups.
  • Control costs
    Claims management, cost recovery, medical cost containment, and safety training can have a dramatic effect on long-term costs.
  • Know your umbrella requirements
    Overlooking employers liability limitscan have apotentially detrimental impact on your umbrella liability coverage.
  • Cover all your employees
    It is important to have coverage for all states in which you have employees, even if employees are only hired on a temporary or short-term basis.


At Ellis Insurance we are proud of the exceptional service and intelligent insurance that we have been delivering for over 20 years, and look forward to the opportunity to work with you. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.


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