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Intellectual Property

What’s your competitive advantage? Perhaps it is the idea behind your product, your reputation, or the efficiency and quality behind your process(es). It is your unique, different, uncommon approach, and it manifests itself through your marks and slogans, your designs and inventions. This intellectual capital is the foundation of your business, and your ability to protect this advantage may be the key to your company’s survival.

Without the proper insurance, a challenge from a competitor may require that you:

  • Abandon your product(s)
  • Obtain a license from your competitor or negotiate a settlement
  • Rely on personal finances and/or available credit lines to defend your company’s future


For most companies, insurance is the best vehicle for defending or prosecuting a patent infringement suit. Ellis Insurance offers two IP insurance products to meet your company’s needs, from single properties to your entire intangible asset portfolio.


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