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Coverage for Your Green Business Upgrades

Ellis is a leader in Green Insurance

On an ever-increasing basis, businesses are demanding products and services that reflect environmental sensitivity and responsible energy use.  Your insurance should keep pace.  Whether you’ve built green from the ground up, have made green renovations to existing buildings, or would like to rebuild as green in the event of a loss, Ellis Insurance offers solutions to protect both your financial and environmental investments.

A commercial Green Insurance Upgrade with Ellis Insurance lets you replace standard systems and materials with green ones if you have a loss.  It will also cover the cost to rebuild and replace with specified green alternatives or, in the event of a covered total loss, to rebuild, from top to bottom, as a green certified building.  Other coverage highlights include:

  • Green Certified Building Coverage:

    Protect your investment with broad coverage for your vegetated roof, alternative water system and green power generating equipment. The cost to hire a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®)-accredited professional to oversee the repairs will also be covered.

  • Building Commissioning Coverage:

    Following a covered loss, this coverage pays the cost to hire a commissioning engineer to ensure that your building systems (HVAC, electric and plumbing) operate at peak performance and in alignment with one another. Plus, it will pay to run a test and balance on your HVAC system, including heat, ventilation, and air conditioning — whether or not it was directly involved in the loss.

  • Loss Control Green Consulting:

    This service helps our clients make their properties more sustainable – so they can meet today’s business objectives while reducing their impact on the environment.

At Ellis Insurance, we are proud to be a green insurance leader. We have been providing exceptional service and intelligent insurance for over 20 years. Please contact us for additional information on our creative and industry-leading green insurance alternatives for businesses.

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