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Your source for personal & commercial insurance, and financial planning

WHY we do what we do

On the surface, The Ellis Insurance Agency is an independent risk management firm dedicated to providing extraordinary service and intelligent insurance to our clients.

Underneath, we are optimists driven by Curiosity, Passion, and an addiction to Problem-solving.

We treat each of our clients the way we would want to be treated by a professional service firm…as individuals. Our personal attention to service means you will never be just another policy, number, or transaction.

We use our experience and knowledge to shape the guidance we offer. Our history translates to better fixes for unique situations.

WHAT we do

We ask questions. We identify problems. Then, we solve.

Most people aren’t average. In fact, most of us strive to be better than average. If that’s you, why are you settling for average, cookie-cutter insurance that is sold, rather than tailored, to you?

The Ellis Insurance Agency services seventeen states, including New England and New York. Being based in Boston and having grown up in “Metrowest,” we have a distinct focus on the professional communities of Natick, Dover, Weston, Wellesley, Medfield, Sherborn, and the surrounding areas.

We know that your family, home, business, and financial affairs aren’t average. Our one-on-one service includes:

  • Our unique Ellis Insurance Tune-up(SM), a four step systematic process for eliminating gaps & inconsistencies, reducing premium, and improving coverage.
  • Commercial insurance for a variety of businesses, with specialties in auto services, construction, fuel oil delivery, and lessor’s risk.
  • Personal insurance products such as auto, home, high value home, second home, and personal umbrella coverage.
  • Specialty insurance such as wine insurance, personal collections, watercraft, and collector (or high value) vehicles.
  • Excess and Umbrella Insurance for families and businesses.
  • Financial Planning including Retirement Savings and Retirement Income Planning, 401(k) plans, employer and group benefit programs.

HOW we do it

Through Exceptional Service and Intelligent Insurance.

We believe that honest, intelligent answers are the best way to earn your business. That’s why the heart of our agency is, and always will be, our commitment to exceptional customer service.

“We were put at ease to know we were in a good place and optimistic that Ellis Insurance could get us to a better place.  The services provided are individualized.  The meetings held are personalized and explained in detail and to our understanding.  We felt as though we were part of our own team and very involved in decisions made.  We were able to ask questions and plenty of time was allotted to clarify anything confusing.   Best of all, upon leaving we felt we had a solid plan in place for the immediate future that was attainable and realistic”

Both personal and commercial clients of Ellis Insurance benefit from our depth and breadth of knowledge. We craft precise solutions for everyone from families to firms with uniquely complex insurance requirements.

WHO we are

Our History

Established in 1988, by Edward A. Ellis, our agency has a long, proud pedigree of experience. Together, Adam Ellis and Dan Frankel have transformed Edward’s one-man venture into a distinctive regional insurance agency with an unsurpassed focus on customer service and a consultative approach to each and every customer.

Adam Ellis

A philosophy major as an insurance agency owner seems, at best, incongruous.  While Kant and Hegel haven’t proved too useful in Adam’s insurance career, the passion for logic that he discovered at Gettysburg College has benefitted his ability to diagnose, and solve, issues in his clients’ complex insurance portfolios.

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Dan Frankel

“One of the best parts of my job is answering questions.”  Dan believes that everyone has a valuable perspective and different level of interest in their insurance & financial portfolios.  Every client’s question is a window to a unique challenge.

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Exceptional Service. Intelligent Insurance.

More than just our tagline, it is how we approach every aspect of our business. Customer service first, and intelligent insurance solutions. Custom-tailored insurance to your unique needs. Our personal attention to service means you will never be just another policy, number, or transaction.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say.

We engaged with Ellis Insurance because we trust that they will work in our best interest. They took the time to listen to our perceived needs and complimented this with their professionalism to help us understand what we overlooked. They consistently work in our best interest to provide us with the products we need and not the products they want to sell.” – Jim & Amanda C.