24/7 Online Resources for Personal & Commercial Insurance Policies

It is your policy.  When you need insurance the odds are good that you also have questions and we work hard to make sure those answers are available.  Those are the “givens” regardless of COVID19.

First, know that Ellis Insurance is up and running.  Along with our insurance company partners, we have worked diligently to employ technology such as digital document delivery and signatures, online account servicing, and electronic communication that provides us with the ability to service the vast majority of our clients’ needs without the requirement for face-to-face interactions.

Have a question?  Don’t hesitate to email service@ellisinsurance.com or call 508-653-1600.  Our job is to help you navigate your insurance now more than ever.  Alternatively, the links to commercial and personal insurance carriers, provided below, may get you where you need to go.

Do you need immediate information on your commercial insurance coverage?  Try us first, or…

Do you need immediate information on your personal insurance coverage?  Try us first, or…


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